Sourceability is a hybrid distributor of electronic components

Our global sales team and technology platforms give our customers the best of both worlds.

Franchise lines

Our growing list of franchise lines are available from our sales team as well as our E-Commerce marketplace, Sourcengine. Our niche franchise brands provide impactful cost savings without sacrificing quality.
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As an independent distributor we have the unique ability to procure from lower cost regions in order to provide our customers with cost reductions. Additionally, our customized supply chain programs are flexible and robust to address any supply chain challenge regardless of cost or size.
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Our quality process begins with a thorough qualification of our supply chain and is tracked real-time with our proprietary vendor rating system.All Sourceability ISO and ANSI/ESD certified distribution centers conduct on-site inspections and have extensive inspection capabilities.
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In addition to developing digital supply chain tools, our internal development team builds custom end-to-end solutions to maximize efficiency and provide integration flexibility to our partners.
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A quick glance at our unique supply chain programs


  • Spread MOQ among EMS partners
  • Avoid creating excess


  • Reduction of payment terms
  • Open book transactions
  • Full traceability


  • Receive line-by-line market data on pricing
  • Focus on specific items during price negotiations
  • Gives leverage during negotiations
  • Compensation by line item or percent of savings


  • Use of Sourceability‚Äôs resources and network
  • 3 year agreement with additional 3 years option
  • Storage space in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Miami
  • Sourceability sells to EMS partners

Cost savings

  • In addition to reducing your overall cost of ownership with the supply chain programs above, we strive to reduce your unit cost through our franchise or independent channels.
  • Traditionally 40% of our revenue comes from PPV & Cost Savings activities.
  • Our aggressive approach with pricing and long term sales focus has gained us partnerships with the top OEM and EMS customers in the world.

Current franchised lines

  • Passive
  • Walsin
  • ASJ
  • Kuse
  • Churod Electronics
  • Chilisin
  • Electro Mechanical
  • CJTConn
  • NKK Switches
  • AdamTech
  • Power Management
  • Zowie
  • LRC
  • Lelon
  • Memory
  • Silicon Power
  • Lexar
  • Active
  • Panjit